Top 10 Anime Websites of 2019 to Watch Anime Online- Alternatives

Hello, guys today we’re doing a top 10 best websites to go to when you want to watch anime online in 2019.

So let’s jump straight into it with my number 10 pick for this one. Let me quickly go over the things that I think are important with these sites, and the first thing is the appearance, and now I know people say that you can’t judge a book by its cover but yes you can.

10)Kiss Anime, 9Anime

KissAnime –

I actually have two websites that I chose for 10th position of KissAnime alternatives to watch anime online. That’s because these two websites are very similar and the fact that they are both extremely popular for anime streaming and that because of that popularity they are kind of very unreliable at times so sometimes they’re down sometimes up, and you know when they are up there pretty good but when they’re down it sucks you know, but I thought you know they’re still worth a little shout out that’s why they took my number 10 spot you guys would know these websites as 9 Anime and Kiss Anime. Nine anime is the best website to watch animes and high quality. Once you visit the site, on the homepage itself it will provide you with the update of recent and new anime uploaded both English subbed and loved with trending included. You can check the latest option to see the latest anime available with the given genres to an ongoing anime or just search for your favourite anime and start watching.

9Anime –

So they are quite popular but apparently in the instance where I tried to use them they didn’t work for me but you know they’re still there on the list because I believe that they still have hope I do. The Ads they don’t go away from the site even if you have the premium version, that only removes ads from the beginning of the videos. Usually, on crappy sites like this I scroll by pressing the middle mouse button when the cursor is on the sides of the screen, but here it just opens up an ad this is unusable kiss anime is even worse.

9) Anime Frenzy

Anime Frenzy –

Coming in at number 9 of KissAnime Alternatives to watch anime online is Anime Frenzy now this one I believe not a lot of people use, from what I think but honestly, this website does its job in the way. If you want to watch an anime, it’s where you should be there. You can watch Anime, and you don’t have a lot of toggles to do, but there is an option for sub and dub so if you are a dub user then this website could be for you. If all the other sites don’t work this website should do its job but it’s not the best, and that’s why it’s kind of low on the list. On this website, you can watch both English subbed and dubbed anime. You can select anime list option to check the overall list of anime available on this website. If you like action-comedy or else say horror, then you can click on a genre to select the category you want and get the result of anime included in that particular genre you can also check latest anime series available on this website. Just search for your favourite anime and start watching.

8)Anime Dao 

AnimeDao –

Coming in at number eight of KissAnime Alternatives is Anime Dao now this website turned me off in the way that it looks very generic. Like every movie website kind of looks like this one but when I did play the anime, I was quite surprised that it worked quite well. You do have the option for various servers there, so there’s that and also it seems like quite a lot of people use the website, so you do have a community there and you’re not just like the only one there watching anime on this one teeny tiny website that nobody uses you know what I mean. On the homepage of this website, you will be able to find the latest anime episodes available. Anime index will help you to get the overall list of anime series available on this website also you can watch anime movies on this website, you can also read manga online for free. To watch your favourite anime what you would like to see, you can type the name of the anime in the search box, then click on the details shown and start watching.

7)Anime HD Pro

AnimeHDPro –

Coming in at number seven of KissAnime Alternatives to watch anime online is Anime HD Pro this website was really cool. I loved the layout it just kind of looks beautiful to me and looks kind of like 123movies but anime version. It seems professional and different it has all these options here, and I like the way it looks. You have a lot of toggles here for like you know the definition you’re playing your video on or like turning off the lights and all that and different servers so I think it’s quite a nice and easy to use the website for anime and there’s that. This site is available in more than 180 countries to have more than 850 titles available making it the most extensive website on this list in addition to the anime they also have Japanese dramas for you to watch.

6)Otaku Stream

Otaku Stream –

Coming in at number six of KissAnime Alternatives to watch anime online is Otaku Stream, and this one looked very professional as well. I would have got entirely sold if this one was actually like a real website that you had to pay for because it looks quite lovely. You do have an option for light and dark mode which is sweet because your eyes don’t want to get hurt in the middle of the night when you’re trying to binge watch an anime, so that’s great. I think it’s better than and very close to Anime HD Pro I like them both. This one kind of took my pick because it’s a little bit more professional, but I do prefer Anime HD Pro in the way that you do watch higher-quality anime, but some people don’t want that you know because of higher data consumption for HD videos. This one doesn’t provide very high-quality anime in some of their anime’s, but it does its job. It looks quite professional which I thought was amazing, and also quite a few people do use the website, so again you have that community there and yeah.

On the other hand, we have option known as anime streams on the TV, on the homepage itself you will able to see the latest and ongoing anime’s available, can also watch anime movies on this website. “Ongoing” option will help you to get a hint about which latest or old anime is still going on. You can also watch English subbed and dubbed anime under ‘a to z list’ you can select the alphabet letter of starting name of an anime to get the results of anime available in that particular section or else search for your favourite anime and start watching.

5) Anime Heaven

AnimeHeaven –

So coming in number five of KissAnime Alternatives we’ve got Anime Heaven and I was shocked because I mixed this up with Anime Haven. I was like what the hell I don’t really like that website but this website, on the other hand, is excellent, the logo kind of looks like the like the Adobe sign and I was like what? But honestly, I think the website’s nice and clean it has a dark theme. Yes there are ads sometimes but you know you can click and off them if they do pop up, but it’s really simple to use it. Kind of reminds me of master anime but like in its own thing. I like it, you get to change your server and the quality of your video, and they do have an extensive catalogue of anime’s there, so it’s excellent. Anime Heaven is free but if you want more features including high-definition and more content they do offer membership plans.


Coming in at number four of KissAnime Alternatives is Anime XD now this website too is a little bit unreliable sometimes it sometimes works, sometimes it doesn’t, but I still like it because I’m just clung to it, I love how the website looks it looks remarkable. They provide most of their service for free, but if you want to access the whole site and streaming channels, then you have to buy a membership plan. It looks kind of messy and pops many ads, but it does the job and gets the work done. It’s one of the few websites which have everything you want to see in Anime.

3)AnimeTwist or Twist.Moe

Anime Twist –

The next one I had on my list of KissAnime Alternatives is called Anime Twist – watch anime online . I like it, and if you do have a good internet connection, this is probably the best anime website for you guys. It has an extensive catalogue, but yeah it’s perfect only if you have a good internet connection because all anime on this website plays in 1080p. You can’t change it, it just automatically plays like that. So it won’t load if you have a terrible internet connection, but if you do have that good connection, this stuff’s great. It has incredible quality anime, and there’s a large community on here that you can talk to if you’re having issues and honestly I love it, and I always use it when I can.

2)Master Anime

MasterAnime –

My next website coming into number 2 of KissAnime Alternatives is Master Anime. Master Anime is one of the most popular and best site to watch anime that too in great quality same like all website on the homepage you will be able to see the latest anime updates, anime lists to see the overall anime content available on this website. It’s amazing, and it still works till today, so it’s like it has to take my number to pick. It’s beautiful, and it’s fantastic again it reminds me of anime heaven. But I think it’s slightly better in the way that it worked all this time and it’s just amazing you have so many toggles to use, a large community and a vast catalogue of anime. Unfortunately, it does not have dub though, and that’s probably a big issue everybody was talking about. Master Anime is free with ads to remove the ads and get access to their entire library they offer a premium plan.


GoGoAnimes –

So my number one pick of KissAnime Alternatives is GoGo Anime because when I went to the website, it looked kind of dodgy to me but after spending time on site, I felt good. It is another one of the big players like Kiss Anime for delivering anime content. I did not like the way it looked and that for me is a big factor. When I want to watch something, I want to go to a website that has a friendly interface you know.GoGo Anime changed their interface to look way better, and honestly, it does look better now, and that’s why it takes my number one pick. I chose this because, one it’s very reliable and two because it has a vast catalogue and when it can, it does have good HD quality anime, so it’s perfect. They have subs and dubs as well so it’s very Universal you could say and versatile so that’s why it takes my number one pick it’s great if you can use it and yeah so that ends my list of KissAnime Alternatives today.

One tip I would like to provide you guys is to get an adblocker it does help with these websites. It doesn’t work sometimes with these websites, but at least we can try.